//15 Items to Pack in a Car’s Emergency Kit

It’s easy to resolve most breakdowns with a spare tire or a quick call to a tow company. But what if you don’t have cell phone service? What if someone suffers an injury that requires immediate first aid?

Safe driving

In 2014 alone, the American Automobile Association responded to more than 29 million calls for roadside assistance. If you own a vehicle, then you should expect to break down or crash at some point, and when that happens, it pays to be prepared. Your vehicle should be stocked with a first-aid kit and everything you need to prevent subsequent accidents.

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Never Hit the Road without These 15 Essential Emergency Items

Every second counts after a serious accident. If you are able to contact emergency medical services, perform first aid and secure the scene after an accident, then you may be able to save your life or someone else’s life.

It is not uncommon for a routine breakdown to turn into a devastating accident. This is particularly common when drivers stop on the shoulder at night and do not have flares or reflective triangles to warn oncoming drivers.

Be prepared for the worst by keeping these emergency items in your vehicle at all times:

  1. A fully charged cell phone;
  2. A complete first-aid kit;
  3. At least one spare tire;
  4. A tire jack and tire iron;
  5. A tire inflater with sealer;
  6. Jumper cables;
  7. Your vehicle’s manual;
  8. A fire extinguisher;
  9. Three reflective triangles to warn oncoming drivers about the accident scene;
  10. Bottled water;
  11. Blankets;
  12. At least 2 quarts of oil;
  13. Updated road maps;
  14. A flashlight with extra batteries; and
  15. A small toolkit that includes screwdrivers, pliers and a tire pressure gauge.

If you were injured in a crash that another driver caused, contact Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates. An injury lawyer in San Diego will evaluate your wreck to determine if you have grounds for a claim.

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