Planning a Labor Day Road Trip? Stay Safe with These 4 Tips from a San Diego Car Accident Lawyer

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Labor Day is just in time for anyone who feels in the mood for a late-summer vacation. Whether it’s to visit friends or bond with family, the long weekend is a popular time to hit the road. Unfortunately, heavy traffic and drunk drivers cause a spike in accident rates over the holiday period. There were [...]

What Should I Do after Being Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian? 3 Tips from a San Diego Accident Lawyer

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Station wagons filled with families, trucks carrying heavy loads, motorcycles zipping between lanes – even the most patient and careful drivers have a lot to watch for on the road. But many motorists spend so much time keeping an eye on other vehicles that they overlook another kind of road user: pedestrians. […]

Does Your Vehicle Have These 5 Essential Safety Features? Insights from a San Diego Car Accident Lawyer

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In the last decade, auto manufacturers have introduced safety features that challenge science fiction. Crash avoidance systems, blind spot warnings and other technologies are preventing wrecks and saving lives. […]

How Can Truckers Prevent Rollover Accidents? 5 Tips from a San Diego Injury Lawyer

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Commercial trucks and passenger vehicles do not operate the same way. Trucks are larger, heavier and have a higher center of gravity. Most commercial trucks carry cargo of some kind, which can shift and cause an accident. […]