How Can Motorcyclists Avoid Accidents in Autumn Weather?

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Autumn is a great time to be on two wheels. With the weather starting to cool and traffic beginning to dissipate, the road beckons. It is important to remember, though, that each season comes with its own unique dangers – and autumn is no exception. […]

Why Is Thanksgiving the 2nd Deadliest Holiday in America?

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The long Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to kick back, bond with family and friends, and enjoy delicious food. For thousands of Americans, though, the festivities are ruined by drunk and negligent drivers. […]

Pickup Truck Plunges off Coronado Bridge, Injures 9 and Kills 4

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An active-duty Navy sailor lost control of his truck, smashed through the guardrail of the Coronado Bridge ramp, and fell 60 feet onto Chicano Park, where a motorcycle festival was taking place. According to the Coronado Times, four people were killed and another nine were injured in the incident. […]