Tragic 3-Car Collision Involving a Sheriff’s Deputy SUV Kills 2, Injures 3

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According to NBC San Diego, a multi-vehicle collision involving a sheriff’s deputy patrol car resulted in two fatalities. The accident occurred at an intersection near the 800 block of South Indiana Street in East Los Angeles at around 7:30 p.m. on a Thursday earlier this month. […]

Heavy Machinery Accidents and Law

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There are some occupations in which employees have to deal with heavy equipment, vehicles, and machines in order to perform the job. The constant exposure with such heavy machinery puts the life of employees at higher risk of getting injured. In some cases, these heavy machinery accidents lead to fatal consequences such as death. An [...]

How Can You Avoid a Drowsy Driving Collision over Thanksgiving Weekend?

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Because the effects of fatigue on the body are similar to those of alcohol, driving while drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. For example, fatigue reduces reaction time, hinders concentration, inhibits the brain’s ability to process information, and increases aggression. […]

What Should You Ask During Your Consultation at a San Diego Accident Law Firm?

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Every lawyer in California might have to pass some variation of the same state bar exam, but that does not mean every firm provides the same quality legal counsel. In fact, if you are facing a legal issue, the particular firm that you choose to represent you could ultimately mean the difference between winning and [...]