YouTube Star “McSkillet” Crashes McLaren Into Another Vehicle in San Diego Killing Himself as Well as Both Occupants Inside

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A tragic wrong-way accident occurred in San Diego on August 23rd that was responsible for taking the life of a mother, her daughter, and a YouTube star [Source: Fox 5 San Diego]. The accident also left multiple vehicles that had been traveling on I-805 damaged, destroyed, and some even in flames. Fox 5 San Diego [...]

MADD Holds Candlelight Vigil for Those Killed in Drunk Driving Accidents in San Diego

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When you lose someone to a drunk driving accident or any other type of traffic collision, not only are you losing the person, “but also a part of yourself.” Those were the words spoken by Karen Lei, a resident of San Diego. Lei lost her fiancé who worked as a San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputy [...]

Can I Sue the City of San Diego for the Injuries I Sustained in an Accident Caused by a City Worker?

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Yes, you can, and many people often do when the city is responsible for their accident and/or the injuries they sustained. It isn’t every day that people are involved in accidents with city workers such as police officers or emergency responders. However, on occasion, an accident does occur that either involves a city worker or [...]

Surfer and Life Guard Killed in Single-Vehicle Car Accident in San Diego

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June 30th was a tragic day for the family and friends of surfer and lifeguard Chloe Buckley as she was killed in a single-vehicle car accident in San Diego. Buckley was heading westbound on state Route 52 in her 2002 Toyota 4Runner when she lost control of her vehicle near Convoy Street [Source: CBS 8]. [...]