//5 Tips for Avoiding a Drunk Driving Accident on St. Patrick’s Day

Business owners in San Diego are proud to help both locals and tourists get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, which happens to fall on a Saturday this year. Last year, the city hosted pub crawls, live music, food trucks, pet costume contests, road races, and trolley tours.

Drunk Irish-American man looks into his green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. Isolated on white.

Unfortunately, amid all the fun lurks a serious and potentially life-threatening danger. On big drinking holidays like St. Patty’s Day, more people are likely to get behind the wheel while impaired, which increases the risk of getting into a drunk driving collision for everyone on the roads.

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Read on to learn five tips for avoiding a drunk driving collision this St. Patrick’s Day:

  1. Cook up Some Corned Beef and Cabbage at Home

If you have the space to accommodate guests, why not host a holiday bash at home? Keep the menu simple by serving just one or two classics, and ask everyone to bring their favorite Irish cocktail or brew. Make sure to offer sleeping arrangements to any friends who should not get behind the wheel after the party has ended.

  1. Leave Before Last Call

The early hours of the morning are some of the most dangerous on the roads because they are shortly after last call at most bars and clubs. Patrons who go from the bars to their cars put everyone at risk of a catastrophic crash.

  1. Pass Through Any Sobriety Checkpoints

Last year on St. Patrick’s Day, San Diego County law enforcement personnel set up DUI checkpoints at various locations around the city. If there will be any roadblocks on your route home, make it a point to pass through them or at least near them. The increased police presence will contribute to fewer impaired motorists in the area.

  1. Know the Signs of Impairment

If you can recognize the signs of drunk driving, you can take evasive maneuvers when you witness them and potentially avoid a wreck. A motorist might be impaired if he or she struggles to:

  • Stay in the correct lane;
  • Maintain a safe and constant speed;
  • Respond to traffic signs and signals;
  • Stop an appropriate distance from any traffic markers; or
  • Avoid curbs, mailboxes, and other structures when turning.
  1. Practice Defensive Driving Tactics

Reduce your speed, avoid tailgating, and scan your surroundings constantly. This will help you identify any hazards that arise and give you plenty of time to respond to them to avoid a collision.

Sadly, you can follow all of the above tips and still end up in a drunk driving crash with a reckless motorist. If you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence, contact Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates today.

Call 855-290-8080 to schedule a free consultation with an auto accident attorney in San Diego. You can learn more about drunk driving collisions in California by visiting USAttorneys.com.

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