//After CA Woman is Left Paralyzed from Car Accident, Bystander Steals Her Purse

We get into our vehicles nonchalantly each and every day never imagining that we will ever engage in a car accident. But, the truth is, we never know when we will be the next victim as car accidents are occurring more often with so many inattentive and careless drivers out on the roadways. In the state of California alone, traffic fatalities rose by 7% from 2015 to 2016. In 2015, 3,387 deaths were reported and in 2016, 3,623 were recorded, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety. Sadly, thousands of other lives have also been impacted by auto accidents as well due to the loved ones that have been lost or the injuries victims have sustained.

WHNT 19 News recently shared a tragic story that highlights just how serious auto accident can be along with the circumstances a victim might be faced with following the collision.

It was back in August when Terri Nelson had been heading out to pick up her father for a hospital trip.  On her way to her destination, Nelson’s vehicle was rear-ended at a stoplight by a truck in Riverside. As a result of the impact, Nelson suffered a broken neck. As Nelson lay at the accident scene with bystanders, police, and other emergency medical personnel coming to her aid, a woman allegedly went into her vehicle and stole her purse. Aside from being a victim of theft, Nelson had bigger problems she was up against.

The news outlet reported that for the next three months, Nelson was “paralyzed and on a ventilator until she passed last week from complications from the accident.”

Aside from Nelson’s husband having to deal with losing his wife of 27 years, he now was forced to deal with creditors coming after him for the debt the thief had raked up. The source stated that within days following the accident, the woman used Terri’s credit cards and checks to make purchases worth approximately $5,000. The source also highlighted that the woman even rented a vehicle in Terri’s name but when CHP pulled the vehicle over in San Diego County, there were two men inside and no trace of the woman who had stolen the purse.

The source wasn’t able to confirm whether the woman was ever caught, however, that won’t change the fact that Terri Nelson is no longer alive.

What this incident shows us is not only how severe a rear-end accident can be or how unpredictable people are following a crash, but also why it is essential for a car crash victim and/or their surviving family to hire an attorney. The reality is, you never know what obstacles you are going to be faced with after a collision occurs which is why you need a reputable and knowledgeable law firm that specializes in car accident law working on your side.

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