Accident Lawyers in Encinitas, California

Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates are accident lawyers in Encinitas, California who work with victims and families who have been hurt in car, truck, motorcycle, bus, boating, and construction accidents. Regardless of whether your accident took place on highways, the water, or at work, the days and weeks following any serious injury can be challenging for victims and their families alike. In addition to healing from your injuries, you may also have to speak to insurance adjusters to make a claim and may be wondering whether you can collect damages from negligent parties. The accident lawyers at Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates in Encinitas, California work closely with those who have been hurt, reviewing all medical bills, speaking to experts and witnesses, and working closely with each client’s case to lead to the best possible result under the law. We can speak to insurance adjusters, write demand letters to parties responsible for your injuries, and can take your case to court, if needed. Contact us today to learn more about your rights and options under the law.

Steps to Take Following an Accident in Encinitas, California 

If you’ve been in a serious accident, your first step, after calling the police and seeking medical care should be to contact the qualified accident law firm at Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates in Encinitas, California today. Our firm can help you understand your rights and take the next steps to help you receive the claim you may deserve under the law. The unknown can be frightening. When individuals have been injured in an accident, the unknowns can be overwhelming. You may wonder about your future health, your finances if you have high medical bills or had to miss time from work, and you may also not understand the accident claims process. Here are the steps to take following an accident in Encinitas, California:

  1. Call the police after any accident. Always call the police, whether your accident was minor or serious. The police can make a report which might prove helpful should you need to make an insurance claim or should your lawyer write a demand letter asking for compensation from negligent parties, companies, or individuals.
  2. Always seek medical care. Even a seemingly minor fender bender can leave some victims suffering from whiplash or post-traumatic stress disorder. Unless the accident was so minor that you are certain there were no injuries, individuals should generally always seek medical care after an accident. Even if the doctor gives you the all-clear, seeking medical attention leaves an important record that you were in a crash and it was serious enough for you to seek medical care. If something new arises, you can always seek follow up care. Finally, some medical conditions may not always be apparent after a crash. Your adrenaline might be high after an accident, masking pain, and some traumatic brain injuries aren’t always apparent in the hours or even days after an accident.
  3. Tell insurance companies what happened, but leave the negotiating to your lawyer. You must report an accident to your insurance company, but ask to be contacted in writing afterward. You are under no obligation to talk to adjusters over the phone. When you ask to correspond in writing, first, it buys you time. An adjuster might say something over the phone that can confuse you or throw you off. If you receive an upsetting letter in writing, you at least have time to think of a response. Additionally, when corresponding with your adjusters in writing, you can show any correspondence to your accident law firm, who can help you respond with the information the adjuster might need. Anything you say on the phone to an adjuster can influence the outcome of your case. If after reporting your accident, you receive a satisfactory settlement from your insurance company that covers your damages—wonderful! However, if you believe the damages may be lower than what you need to repair your car or pay medical bills, you may want to speak to the accident lawyers at Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates in Encinitas, California today.
  4. Speak to an accident lawyer if you believe the other driver is at fault or if you suffered serious injuries. If the other driver was at fault for your crash, you may need to make a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. The other driver’s insurance company might try to fight your negligence claim, especially if your injuries were serious. In the case of a truck accident claim, many stakeholders may be responsible for paying your claim. Having a qualified accident lawyer on your side like Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates in Encinitas, California can make a difference in the outcome of your case, when fighting to help you get the maximum settlement for your serious injury.
  5. Don’t repair your car until the insurance adjuster has had a chance to make an assessment. The adjuster may need to evaluate the damages to your vehicle first. Take photos of the damage to your vehicle and send them to your adjuster.
  6. You may not always need to go to court to settle your claim. Many accident claims can be settled outside of court with the assistance of your accident law firm. However, should you need to pursue a lawsuit, Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates can take you through every step of the process. In many cases, a strongly worded demand letter supported by information about your losses can be sufficient to settle a claim in a satisfactory manner. Your lawyer will assist you with all aspects of the process.

If you’ve been in an accident in Encinitas, California, the personal injury claim process can be complex depending on the nature of your accident. Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates are accident lawyers who work closely with victims to help them navigate the complexities of the insurance claim process and the challenges of litigation followi