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According to TruckDrivingJobs.com, there will be over 330,000 new trucking jobs by the year 2020! This is exciting for those looking to pursue a career in trucking, but what about the risks? Esurance reports that over 100,000 injuries and 300,000 accidents involved large trucks in 2012, according to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. Time ranked truck driving number 8 on its 2014 list of the “10 Most Dangerous Jobs.”

When we think of trucking, we might think of a scene from Ice Road Truckers, but weather and climate aren’t the main risks for most truck drivers – especially in San Diego. So what makes trucking so dangerous for the average trucker?

Some of the primary safety risks of the trucking industry include:

1: Unaware and Reckless Motorists

  • Many motorists don’t know about a truck’s blind spots, but that’s exactly where most crashes occur. Truckers should pay special attention to areas off to the side just in front of the cab, just behind the side mirrors, and directly behind the truck, because other drivers probably aren’t! Motorists have the responsibility to learn how to safely share the road with trucks!

2: Lack of Proper Warning for Hazardous Features on Highways

  • Large trucks take longer to stop, and so signs for curves in the road, construction zones, or other hazards are often posted too late. If you see truckers driving slow, it’s for a very good reason! Roughly one-third of all fatal work-zone accidents involve large trucks! And for truckers, sometimes even following posted speed limits means driving too fast. Trucks have a tendency to tip over if they take curves too rapidly.

3: Long Hours, Demanding Schedules, and the Lack of Safe or Adequate Rest Areas

  • Many highway rest areas are associated with high crime rates, and some stretches of road don’t include anywhere to pull over and rest! One of the most surefire safety precautions a trucker can follow is staying healthy and getting adequate rest. Unfortunately, this isn’t always as simple as it might seem.

4: Lack of Proper Procedures by Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies

  • Everything from realistic delivery schedules to maintenance to proper instruction on cargo loading plays into the potential risks of trucking. Many large truck accidents could have been prevented with proper and regular maintenance. Properly stacked cargo keeps a truck more nimble and responsive.

What Protections Do Truckers Have?

If you’re involved in an accident as a truck driver in the San Diego area, you have the right to an experienced truck accident attorney and the compensation for any injuries you sustained! Don’t wait to pursue justice. Get started on your case today by contacting the personal injury legal team dedicated to serving all of Southern California!

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