California Mother Sues LAPD After Sheriff Causes Accident that Killed Her Two Sons

What started out as a day like any other ended with tragedy and despair. Maria Veronica Solis Munoz’s two sons had gone to school as usual and when their day there was completed, the three of them began walking back to their home. As the family made their way down the sidewalk in Boyle Heights, [...]

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Shuttle Bus Accident at San Diego International Airport Leaves 11 Injured

When we hail a ride from a bus, shuttle, or taxi, the last thing we expect is an accident to occur. Unfortunately, an accident can happen at any given time and involve any type of vehicle. Just recently, CBS 8 reported that a multiple vehicle collision occurred involving a shuttle at the San Diego International [...]

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Doctor in San Diego Believes Motorized Scooters Will Likely Lead to Fatal Accidents Occurring

The Bird and Lime shared electric scooters have stirred up a significant amount of controversy over the last few months as many have become worried that the “latest urban trend” is going to lead to riders and others nearby to them sustaining severe injuries. In fact, serious injuries have already been reported involving the scooters, [...]

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Cell Phones Continue to Distract Parents and Contribute to Causing Serious and Even Fatal Accidents

Cell phones are becoming more and more of a distraction to all individuals leading to many serious and even fatal accidents occurring. On September 19th, WSET reported that a mother and her five-year-old son were involved in a severe car crash in Soquel, CA after the mother became distracted by her cell phone. The two [...]

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Two Men Rescue Woman from Burning Vehicle on State Route 163 in San Diego

Two good Samaritans were able to rescue a woman from her vehicle after she had been involved in a wreck on State Route 163. Fox 5 San Diego reported that on Tuesday, September 18th, a box truck rear-ended a 2006 Toyota Highlander which pushed the SUV into several other vehicles that had been stopped in [...]

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How do I Handle a Driver I Encounter Who is Displaying Signs of Road Rage?

Have you ever found yourself driving down the highway and noticed in your rearview mirror a driver tailgating you simply because you weren’t going as fast as they would have liked you to? Have you ever been cut off by another driver and noticed them displaying inappropriate gestures in your direction? If so, it is [...]

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Is it Safe to Drive While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is definitely an exciting time for any couple. Preparing your home for a new child and trying to imagine how life is going to be when they arrive are only some of the things that make this time so special. However, most new moms often find themselves questioning what they can and can’t do [...]

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YouTube Star “McSkillet” Crashes McLaren Into Another Vehicle in San Diego Killing Himself as Well as Both Occupants Inside

A tragic wrong-way accident occurred in San Diego on August 23rd that was responsible for taking the life of a mother, her daughter, and a YouTube star [Source: Fox 5 San Diego]. The accident also left multiple vehicles that had been traveling on I-805 damaged, destroyed, and some even in flames. Fox 5 San Diego [...]

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MADD Holds Candlelight Vigil for Those Killed in Drunk Driving Accidents in San Diego

When you lose someone to a drunk driving accident or any other type of traffic collision, not only are you losing the person, “but also a part of yourself.” Those were the words spoken by Karen Lei, a resident of San Diego. Lei lost her fiancé who worked as a San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputy [...]

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Can I Sue the City of San Diego for the Injuries I Sustained in an Accident Caused by a City Worker?

Yes, you can, and many people often do when the city is responsible for their accident and/or the injuries they sustained. It isn’t every day that people are involved in accidents with city workers such as police officers or emergency responders. However, on occasion, an accident does occur that either involves a city worker or [...]

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