Can I Sue the City of San Diego for the Injuries I Sustained in an Accident Caused by a City Worker?

Yes, you can, and many people often do when the city is responsible for their accident and/or the injuries they sustained. It isn’t every day that people are involved in accidents with city workers such as police officers or emergency responders. However, on occasion, an accident does occur that either involves a city worker or [...]

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Surfer and Life Guard Killed in Single-Vehicle Car Accident in San Diego

June 30th was a tragic day for the family and friends of surfer and lifeguard Chloe Buckley as she was killed in a single-vehicle car accident in San Diego. Buckley was heading westbound on state Route 52 in her 2002 Toyota 4Runner when she lost control of her vehicle near Convoy Street [Source: CBS 8]. [...]

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Suing an Establishment for a Slip and Fall Accident

5When you step onto someone else’s property, inside a business, or even on government premises, it is expected that the property is maintained and hazard free so that no incidents occur. But, when an accident does happen and an individual sustains an injury, that establishment risks being sued if the victim can prove that negligence [...]

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Three New Traffic Laws That Took Effect July 1st in California

Are you aware of what they are? The state of California is tightening its traffic laws and while they may not apply to all drivers, it is important for everyone to be aware of what they are. The new laws will impact bus riders, rideshare drivers, and private carriers of passengers such as church vans, [...]

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Catastrophic injuries and death

Less than two months ago, a good Samaritan stopped to help a fellow driver on the San Diego freeway.  Within a few minutes, another driver also stopped to help.  Three men stood on the shoulder of the roadway, discussing how to best assist with the broken-down vehicle.  […]

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Construction site injuries create hazard for Californians

There has been a spate of recent construction accidents that have resulted in injury and death for construction workers.  A scaffold fell on three construction workers in a new construction apartment complex near Petco Park.  The men were working on the scaffold when it collapsed.  They fell at least 16 feet to the ground, according [...]

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National Insurance Awareness

The month of June has been selected by the insurance industry as National Insurance Awareness month.  Motorists across the nation are encouraged to review and update their automobile insurance policy to reflect their current needs as policies can become stagnant and no longer reflect drivers’ current lifestyle or needs.  […]

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Takata recall continues to impact San Diego

Nearly five years after the initial recall, an additional 2.7 million vehicles have been added to the international recalls for vehicle airbags manufactured by Takata Corporation – many in San Diego and surrounding counties.  The defective airbags have been installed on cars and trucks with model years from 2002 through 2015.   […]

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Youth traffic safety month

The day your teenager gets a driver’s license is often one of the proudest and most frightening days in the life of a parent.  As parents know, the issue is not just their teenager’s driving habits – it is the other teenagers on the road who may not be paying attention. […]

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4 FAQs About Child Car Seats All Parents Should Know

One of the most dangerous activities for your children is something you do with them almost every day: driving. Unintentional injuries caused by car accidents cause more child fatalities than any other factor, and most of these tragedies are entirely preventable. […]

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