What are Some Apps that Can Help Combat Texting and Driving?

You see it sitting in the seat next to you and you know there are messages waiting for you to check. “Ding.” You hear the notification bell ring once more which means yet another message has come through. While you would normally think nothing of just reaching over and checking your text messages, at this [...]

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Mother of 3 Charged with DUI Among Other Crimes After Causing Accident While Traveling with Her Kids in the Car

A mother of three is facing up to 24 years in prison after causing a drunk driving accident that left all of her children injured along with another driver as well. NBC San Diego stated that the accident occurred on November 12, 2018, when 29-year-old Mayra Troncoso drove into oncoming traffic on Camino Del Norte [...]

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Survive the Holidays with These 5 Safety Tips

As exciting as the holiday times can be, sometimes, things can get a little out of control which can then lead to an accident occurring. The fact is, between Thanksgiving dinner and the family gatherings that are held on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, there is a lot going on during this time. And not [...]

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After CA Woman is Left Paralyzed from Car Accident, Bystander Steals Her Purse

We get into our vehicles nonchalantly each and every day never imagining that we will ever engage in a car accident. But, the truth is, we never know when we will be the next victim as car accidents are occurring more often with so many inattentive and careless drivers out on the roadways. In the [...]

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San Diego Woman Hospitalized After Engaging in Electric Scooter Accident

You probably read about them when they first launched, have seen them in the streets and on the sidewalks, and now are reading about the horror stories involving them. We are talking about the controversial electric scooters that now occupy the streets in major cities like San Diego and Nashville. […]

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332-Foot Yacht Collides with Sports Fishing Boat Off Coast of Imperial Beach

NBC San Diego and The San Diego Union-Tribune recently reported on a major boat collision that occurred on October 26th, approximately nine miles off the coast, near Mexico’s maritime border at around 7:50 p.m. The accident involved the Attessa IV, which is a 332-foot super yacht, and the Prowler, a 65-foot sports fishing boat. Sources say [...]

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Bus Crashes Through Center Median on Los Angeles Freeway Leaving 25 People Injured

Highways are one of the riskiest types of roadways for a motorist to operate their automobile on as there are multiple vehicles driving around you while traveling at high rates of speed, sometimes going more than 80 mph. Now, because of the congestion that generally builds up on these roadways along with motorists who are [...]

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California Mother Sues LAPD After Sheriff Causes Accident that Killed Her Two Sons

What started out as a day like any other ended with tragedy and despair. Maria Veronica Solis Munoz’s two sons had gone to school as usual and when their day there was completed, the three of them began walking back to their home. As the family made their way down the sidewalk in Boyle Heights, [...]

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Shuttle Bus Accident at San Diego International Airport Leaves 11 Injured

When we hail a ride from a bus, shuttle, or taxi, the last thing we expect is an accident to occur. Unfortunately, an accident can happen at any given time and involve any type of vehicle. Just recently, CBS 8 reported that a multiple vehicle collision occurred involving a shuttle at the San Diego International [...]

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Doctor in San Diego Believes Motorized Scooters Will Likely Lead to Fatal Accidents Occurring

The Bird and Lime shared electric scooters have stirred up a significant amount of controversy over the last few months as many have become worried that the “latest urban trend” is going to lead to riders and others nearby to them sustaining severe injuries. In fact, serious injuries have already been reported involving the scooters, [...]

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