//Bus Crashes Through Center Median on Los Angeles Freeway Leaving 25 People Injured

Highways are one of the riskiest types of roadways for a motorist to operate their automobile on as there are multiple vehicles driving around you while traveling at high rates of speed, sometimes going more than 80 mph. Now, because of the congestion that generally builds up on these roadways along with motorists who are traveling at fast rates of speed, it is common to see some of the worst collisions occur on a highway. Sadly, many of the individuals who engage in a wreck while driving on the highway either don’t survive or are left suffering from a severe injury.

In recent news, it was reported that a major wreck occurred on a highway in Los Angeles that reveals why these types of roadways are so dangerous to travel on. Below we highlight some of the details from the recent accident that resulted in 24 people suffering from injuries and the 405 Freeway being shut down.

On October 14th around 1:00 p.m., a transit bus traveling on the 405 Freeway near the Nordhoff exit in Los Angeles crashed through the center divider and collided into multiple vehicles that had been traveling in the opposite direction [Source: ABC 7]. The source stated that more than 40 people had to get checked out by emergency medical personnel and among those who were evaluated, 25 were said to have suffered injuries and needed to be taken to the hospital. Twenty of those victims apparently suffered minor injuries while the other five were listed as being in critical condition.

The crash left all of the southbound lanes of the freeway closed while officials worked to clean up and clear the scene.

What could have caused this bus accident to occur?

ABC 7 did state that the crash was being investigated, however, the source also cited that the incident may have occurred as a result of road rage. The news source recently shared exclusive video footage highlighting the moments just before the collision occurred and after. In the video, you can see the bus slam on its brakes and then veer off to the left, almost in an effort to avoid a collision. A witness who was on the bus spoke out after the incident, stating that the crash occurred after another driver hauling a trailer cut the bus off and then hit their brakes. As a result, the bus driver lost control of his/her vehicle to avoid crashing into that automobile.

The news outlet spoke with law enforcement expert Bruce Thomas who said, “the video seemed to corroborate the witness’ account.” Thomas also explained that if officials can prove the driver did, in fact, cause the wreck, they would likely be faced with criminal charges.

Although officials haven’t yet identified the reason this tragic bus crash transpired, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say road rage was a contributing factor. Unfortunately, road rage can cause a driver to engage in reckless behavior that can lead to a serious accident occurring. That is why all drivers are always reminded to remain attentive and calm when they come across an angry or aggressive driver who is operating their vehicle erratically.

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