//Doctor in San Diego Believes Motorized Scooters Will Likely Lead to Fatal Accidents Occurring

The Bird and Lime shared electric scooters have stirred up a significant amount of controversy over the last few months as many have become worried that the “latest urban trend” is going to lead to riders and others nearby to them sustaining severe injuries. In fact, serious injuries have already been reported involving the scooters, although NBC San Diego says there are no government mandates to track scooter accidents that occur.

Many cities, including San Diego and even Nashville have attempted to ban the scooters, although lawmakers voted against these ordinances which then permitted individuals to continue riding around the city on the dockless scooter. One of the reasons why a ban was suggested is that these scooters are not permitted to be ridden on sidewalks, although many people seem to be riding on them regardless of what the law stipulates. Not only does this put the rider at risk of getting injured, but also the pedestrians it crosses paths with.

Another issue is that riders are required to wear helmets although many fail to abide by this law as well. However, despite what people might think about the company, Bird does offer free helmets to those who request one when planning their rides on the company’s app. The news outlet highlighted that Bird has given away more than 40,000 free helmets to riders so far this year, but many customers aren’t taking advantage of the free gear which would allow them to ride safer and in compliance with state laws.

Now, although the government isn’t tracking the number of incidents that occur involving the motorized scooters, one doctor in San Diego has already witnessed a number of accidents that have transpired, and he believes it is only a matter of time before someone suffers a fatal injury. Dr. Michael Sise, who is the chief of medical staff at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego said that he and the team he works with saw four severe scooter injuries at the beginning of September alone. A spokesman for the hospital shared that the injuries that were treated included broken wrists and feet to serious head trauma.

Back in June, a crash occurred involving an electric scooter on the Mission Beach boardwalk that left a mother and her 11-year-old daughter seriously injured, according to NBC San Diego. The 11-year-old was said to have suffered a ruptured spleen and a head injury. Although people are getting hurt while out riding on these electric scooters, individuals continue to ride without taking the necessary safety precautions that are geared toward keeping them safe. The news outlet highlighted one video clip that was even posted on Instagram showing a rider operating the scooter on the side of a local freeway, which is one of the busiest and most dangerous places a person can ride.

Although very few laws are currently in effect regarding the motorized scooters, you can expect that more laws will be passed if the number of incidents continues to increase. And if you have been involved in an accident while riding a Bird or Lime scooter or someone riding one has caused you to suffer a severe injury, the San Diego, CA personal injury attorneys at Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates can help determine what your claim might be worth as well as which parties should be held liable for covering it.

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