A frightening car crash occurred in San Diego recently that was responsible for taking the life of one man and injuring another. According to NBC San Diego, the accident occurred around 4:00 p.m. at the Civic Center/ Front Street exit on Interstate 5 after a black Nissan Versa drove the wrong way. Apparently, the Nissan driver was headed in the wrong direction coming from SR-163 when they crossed all the lanes on I-5 and hit a white Volkswagen minivan. The Nissan then crashed into the center divider.

The driver of the Nissan, who has been identified as a 44-year-old man from Lebanon, Maine, was pronounced dead at the scene and the 67-year- old driver of the Volkswagen was left in critical condition and had to be transported to UCSD Medical Center. CHP Sgt. Ray Scheidnes also mentioned that the victim was complaining of chest pain and pain in his right leg. Police do not suspect alcohol to be a factor in this collision, although they haven’t stated what caused the driver of the Nissan to travel the wrong way. Scheidnes did say, however, that officers sometimes come across confused drivers and those who are under the influence who tend to make similar mistakes while driving which often result in a crash.

Car Crashes into Stopped Vehicle on the Side of the Highway After Woman Gets Out to Vomit

Another car collision was reported, this time in North County, after a vehicle pulled off to the side of the road after one of the occupants inside was feeling “ill” [Source: Fox 5 San Diego]. It was around 3:00 a.m. when the vehicle pulled off the highway near Manchester Avenue in Encinitas to allow a woman inside to vomit and that is when their vehicle was hit by another from behind. That driver who hit them allegedly drifted off to the side of the road.

The news source reported that as a result of the impact, two of the occupants inside the first vehicle were trapped inside and were said to have suffered serious injuries. Another occupant of that vehicle sustained minor injuries and all three had to be transported to an area hospital. As for the woman who had gotten out of the vehicle to vomit, she was uninjured but shaken up from the accident. The news source reported that the driver of the second vehicle also suffered injuries and had told police she had been drinking, however, it wasn’t clear whether officers would be charging her with DUI.

As a driver in San Diego and other parts of California, it is important to always remain vigilant while out on the roadway to help prevent an accident. The fact is, while you may be cautious and careful, there are plenty of drivers who aren’t who are generally the ones who cause these types of accidents to transpire.

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