//Is it Safe to Drive While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is definitely an exciting time for any couple. Preparing your home for a new child and trying to imagine how life is going to be when they arrive are only some of the things that make this time so special. However, most new moms often find themselves questioning what they can and can’t do along with the types of foods they can and can’t eat as they wouldn’t want to do anything that could put their unborn baby’s life in jeopardy.

One common concern many pregnant women have is whether it is safe to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. The reason being is that there is always that chance that a car accident could occur and if a pregnant mother is driving, or even sitting in the passenger seat, the risk of losing the unborn baby heightens depending on the severity of the impact. So, if you are currently pregnant and have been pondering on this question for some time now, below we are sharing some information that will help address whether it is safe or not for a pregnant woman to drive that may help you make an informed decision as to whether you want to or not.

Now, remember, this information is not, in any way, a form of advice and you should consult with your physician who is skilled in the medical field and better informed as to whether it is safe to drive while pregnant.

  1. According to a study that was conducted out of Canada, the risk of a pregnant woman engaging in an accident increases significantly in the second trimester [Source: National Public Radio]. Donald Redelmeier, who led the study and “was one of the first researchers to study the link between cellphones and car accidents” says that during the second trimester, which is weeks 13-25, the risk of engaging in an accident increased by 42%. Redelmeier studied more than 500,000 mothers in Ontario for five years, four years prior to when the baby was born and one year after the baby was born.
  1. The risk of an accident decreases in the third trimester, according to the study.
  1. You may want to assess your own condition before determining whether you should get behind the wheel. Many women experience morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy as well as feeling fatigued because the body is going through some dramatic changes. So, if you know there is a time where you are more prone to feeling nauseous, you may either want to try and drive at a different time or have someone drive for you. Driving while fatigued is also extremely risky and should be avoided at all costs.

While it is clear that driving while pregnant is risky, the reality is, anyone is at risk of engaging in an accident. One of the ways you can help reduce the chances, however, is to drive more cautiously. Many car crashes occur as a result of driver error, so it is best to refrain from engaging in any type of behavior that could deter your attention away from the roadway.

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