Neck Injury Lawyers in San Diego, California

The consequences of a neck injury can range from minor aches and pains to serious life-altering injuries that may require years of ongoing care. Even a minor neck injury, such as whiplash, can make it difficult to work and engage in regular life activities. Victims and families may face weeks to months of rehabilitation that can result in major expenses. Families may struggle to pay the bills if a loved one has to miss time from work to care for a neck injury. Sometimes victims struggle to get the care they need because neck injuries, when they don’t involve spinal cord damage, can be “hidden injuries” that are hard to treat. Victims may suffer debilitating pain, and doctors may only have painkillers or surgery as a remedy. Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates are neck injury lawyers in San Diego, California who understand the unique challenges victims face. If you’ve suffered an injury as a result of another person, driver, party, or company’s negligence or neglect, you may be entitled to receive compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. Don’t suffer in silence. Speak to the San Diego, California neck injury attorneys at Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates.

Serious Neck Injuries

 Some of the most serious neck injuries victims can suffer in a car, truck, or vehicle accident are spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries can change a person’s life forever. Survivors of these injuries may require around the clock nursing care, long-term medical services, and may require major accommodations to their homes and vehicles. According to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, the lifetime cost of living with high tetraplegia due to a neck injury, can exceed $4 million. In the first year alone, individuals may require medical care and rehabilitative services exceeding $1 million. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious or life-altering neck injury, it is important to act as soon as possible. You may only have a limited amount of time to seek damages under California law. Under the law, you may be entitled to receive compensation to cover your medical care, rehabilitation expenses, nursing care, and costs to cover lifestyle changes. Spinal cord injuries are serious injuries and can result in immense pain and suffering. Because the damages for these kinds of injuries can be so high, it is important to speak to a qualified neck injury lawyer San Diego, California, like Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates. Our firm works closely with victims and families to help them seek the justice they may deserve under the law.

Kinds of Neck Injuries

 While spinal cord injuries are among the most serious that individuals can suffer in a car, truck, or vehicle accident, it is important to never underestimate the seriousness of other kinds of neck injuries. If you’ve been in an accident, it is wise to seek medical care as soon as possible. Some kinds of neck injuries, with proper treatment, can heal. Other kinds of injuries may require ongoing managed care. What are some kinds of injuries individuals can suffer after a car accident?

  • Muscle strains
  • Whiplash
  • Herniated disks
  • Ligament injuries

The neck’s muscles and ligaments are highly complex. Even a slight jerking motion can cause whiplash or other injuries. In a car accident, the body is subject to high impact forces. This can cause whiplash, muscle strains, herniated disks, or ligament injuries. Whiplash symptoms include muscle stiffness, headaches, shoulder pain, numbness in the arm, dizziness, or even problems sleeping. Muscle strains can impact more parts of the body than just the neck. Pain can radiate down the arms or back. Ligament injuries can also result in debilitating pain.

In more serious neck injuries, victims may suffer herniated disks. The bones of the spine are cushioned by disks. If these disks become injured or lose their water content due to traumatic injuries, the nerves in the back and spinal cord can become compressed. This can result in loss of motion, pain, numbness, and other serious symptoms.

If you have suffered a neck injury due to another person’s neglect or negligence behind the wheel, you have rights. Sometimes neck injury pain can be tough to treat. Individuals may need to seek the advice of a specialist. Sometimes doctors fail to properly treat the pain of a victim, resulting in more suffering. If you or a loved one is in pain, don’t suffer alone. Speak to the San Diego, California neck injury attorneys at Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates. Our firm works closely to see that victims receive the care, treatment, and justice they may deserve if they have been hurt. We understand how neck injuries can impact your life, especially hidden injuries. If you are experiencing whiplash, muscle strains, ligament injuries, or a herniated disk due to a car, truck, or other accident, speak to our attorneys today.

Justice for Neck Injury Victims and Their Families in San Diego

If you or a family member has suffered a neck injury, you may have many questions. How will you pay for care? What are your rights? Where can you turn to for help? Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates are San Diego, California injury lawyers who can fight for your rights under the law. Under California’s statute of limitations laws, you may only have a limited amount of time to pursue a lawsuit for your injuries. Contact our firm today to learn more and to receive a free initial consultation.