Our Verdicts and Settlements

$15.2 Million | Doe Plaintiffs v. Governmental Entity  

$15.2 Million verdict to a young man rendered quadriplegic as a result of the negligent design and construction of a freeway interchange.


$15.5 Million | Legal Malpractice

Legal Malpractice Action $15.5 Million settlement against a prominent National Law Firm.


$6 Million | Cameron v. City of Victorville, et al.

$6 Million settlement to 3 young adults injured in an accident when their vehicle left an unmarked roadway and entered onto a construction site resulting in severe injuries to the occupants


$2.5 Million | Doe Plaintiff v. Vehicle Manufacturer

Multi-Million dollar confidential settlement with a major vehicle design/manufacturer corporation as a result of roof crush causing quadriplegia to 18 year-old pre-med student.


$2 Million |Doe Plaintiff v. Roe Motorcycle Operator

$2 Million confidential settlement involving a motorcycle versus vehicle accident resulting in the driver of the vehicle sustaining permanent and debilitating injuries to her left ankle with contemplation of amputation as an alternative to further bone fusion.


$2 Million | Doe Plaintiff v. Roe Defendants

$2 Million confidential settlement involving sexual assault by a bus driver on cognitively impaired passengers.


$2 Million | Doe Plaintiff v. Roe Law Firm

$2 million confidential settlement against a prominent law firm for failure to name adult children in an action against a helicopter manufacturer which resulted in a multi million verdict for a surviving spouse.


$2 Million | Doe Plaintiff v. Roe Pathologist

$2 Million settlement against a hospital pathologist for misdiagnosis of breast cancer resulting in unnecessary bilateral mastectomy in a 32 year-old woman.


$2 Million | Doe Plaintiff v. Roe Hospital

Medical Malpractice action resulting in a $2 Million confidential settlement arising out of the death of a husband and father caused by a nurse’s failure to properly monitor the patient after surgery.


$1.45 Million | Doe Plaintiff v. Motorcycle Driver

$1.45 Million Settlement arising out of a motorcycle versus motorcycle accident wherein the plaintiff sustained severe and debilitating injuries to his cervical spine resulting in multiple surgeries.


$1 Million | Rubalcava v. LACMTA

$1 Million settlement with the LACMTA arising out of a bus versus pedestrian accident.


$864,000 | Belanger v. Kaiser

Medical Malpractice action resulting in an $864,000 verdict on behalf of three adult children whose mother died from pneumonia six days after her discharge from the hospital.


$850,000 | Doe Plantiff v. Roe Physician

Medical Malpractice action resulting in a confidential settlement of $850,000 on behalf of a patient who suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage following a physician’s failure to appropriately monitor Coumadin levels.


$625,000 | Vernon v. Kaiser

Medical Malpractice litigation resulting in a $625,000 verdict on behalf of an individual who suffered a stroke during a thoracic epidural steroid injection.


$3.5 Million – Settlement Personal Injury (Brain Injury)

Obtained a $3.9 million dollar judgement for client who sustained severe head injuries in a roll over vehicle accident. Insurance company paid 3.5 million settlement.


$367,892.00 Medical Malpractice Arbitration Award

Kaiser prescribed a drug with warning patient of known side affects of hallucinations. Patient drove her car with children and was in car accident. Disputed liability.


$3.2 Million settlement – Plaintiffs v Hotel

Clients were injured as a result of a hotel fire while sleeping. The owner and property manager of the hotel failed to adhere to fire safety precautions at the hotel. As a result multiple residents clients sustained injuries. Disputed liability.


$2.8 Million settlement – Keith v. Roe Cement Truck Company

$2.8 Million settlement obtained against a cement truck company by a 22 year old male who sustained severe head injuries as a passenger in a small vehicle which turned left in front of a cement truck. Liability and causation were heavily disputed by the cement truck company as they alleged the driver of the small car was drunk and turned in front of the cement truck.


$350,000 Confidential Settlement obtained against a governmental agency.

Victim, age 13, who was placed in County Juvenile Hall (1st time) as a result of his step mother calling police for his talking back to her, was taken to juvenile hall and placed in a cell with violent offenders who had a history of being violent and who were much older. While in the cell, Victim was physically and sexually assaulted. Disputed liability.


$2 Million settlement Doe Plaintiff v. Owner and Property Manager

$2 Million – Confidential Settlement obtained on behalf of a 2 year old who sustained severe burns to his foot as a result of walking over what appeared to be only a return air grate while in a vacation rental. Underneath the grate was a furnace which had heated the grate in excess of 350 degrees. Disputed liability


$2 Million – Confidential Settlement Legal Malpractice

Adult children of decedent killed in a helicopter crash retained attorneys to prosecute wrongful death for their father. Attorneys obtained verdict for wife/mother but left adult children out of case. Adult children sued attorneys for legal malpractice – $2million Settlement. Disputed liability


$200k Confidential Settlement – Medical Malpractice

$200k settlement obtained against a physician as a result of mis-diagnosing a melanoma which the physician stated was a benign mole. Disputed liability and causation.


$1.25 Million – Van v. Truck and Construction Company

$1.25 Million dollar settlement obtained as a result of a young man (Mexican National) being killed when the blade of a bulldozer which was being towed on a flat bed truck, sheared into a van driving the opposite way on the road. The van was occupied by six (6) migrant workers who were being driven to work in the early morning near the Mexican border. The firm represented one of the young men who left behind a 1 year old son and wife who both resided in Mexico. Disputed liability


$950,000 – Wrongful Death – Premises Liability settlement against homeowner

$950,000 settlement obtained before trial, by the mother of an adult child who was shot in the head by a self described enforcer who was summoned to a house party by the owner=s daughter to break up a party which became unruly. The enforcer brought a weapon and shot into the air to break up the party, when one of the stray bullets ricocheted off of a wall and struck client=s son in the head killing him. Disputed liability


$300,000 Confidential Settlement obtained against a governmental agency.

Female victim age 13 was sexually assaulted while taking a shower in juvenile hall by young males. The facility failed to secure the door into the showers. Disputed liability.


$785,000.00 Settlement – Truck v. Auto

20 year old woman was stopped on the shoulder of Interstate 10 near Blythe, CA when she was rear-ended by a 18 wheeler semi-truck causing severe, but non-surgical cervical injuries.  Case settled before trial for $785,000.00. Admitted liability.


$100,000.00 Settlement – Medical Malpractice – Jane Doe v. U.S. Navy

Jane Doe was harmed when the surgeon left a surgical instrument in her body post surgery.


$686,000.00 Confidential Settlement – Medical Malpractice against hospital

$686,000.00 settlement against hospital as a result of negligence during a kidney transplant.
Disputed liability.


$650,000 Settlement – Motorcycle v. Auto

Young man who worked for a defense contractor was riding his motorcycle to work when a truck turned left in front of him impacting his motorcycle causing the motorcycle to land on him. The hot manifold ended up on his leg causing severe burns to his leg requiring medical treatment at the UCSD burn center where he was administered skin grafts.


$600,000.00 Auto v. Septic Truck Settlement

$600,000.00 Settlement for 86 year old woman who was a passenger in a vehicle which was side-swiped by a septic truck. Woman who previously had suffered a stroke prior to accident subsequently passed away.


$495,000 Confidential Settlement

Jane Doe was sexually harassed by her manager at a fast food restaurant. Disputed Liability.


$475,000.00 Auto v. Auto – auto accident

Jane Doe was involved in a multiple vehicle automobile accident and sustained soft tissue injuries to her neck and back. The case settled just prior to trial. Disputed Liability.


$400,000 Settlement – Auto Accident

Personal Injury settlement with insurance company as a result of client sustaining knee injury and tinitis as a result of being rear ended in a car accident. Disputed Injuries.


$1.5 Confidential Settlement against Auto Manufacturer

$1.5 Million dollar settlement to a young man who crashed into a light pole sustaining spinal cord injuries as a result of failure of the seat belts.