//Survive the Holidays with These 5 Safety Tips

As exciting as the holiday times can be, sometimes, things can get a little out of control which can then lead to an accident occurring. The fact is, between Thanksgiving dinner and the family gatherings that are held on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, there is a lot going on during this time. And not only do you have to worry about attending all these get-togethers you have been invited to or preventing your relative who always tends to drink a little too much from driving themselves home, but you also have to battle the reckless drivers that are out occupying the roadways. Needless to say, while the holiday season can have some really wonderful moments, it can also bring on a little stress and anxiety.

Now, because we know that you are looking forward to vacationing and/or spending time with family or friends during the holidays, there isn’t much room for any mishaps. That is why we are sharing some holiday safety tips we think can benefit you and your loved ones so that you can enjoy the holidays as much as possible and prevent any hiccups from interfering with it.

  1. If you will be hosting a holiday party where alcohol will be served, be sure your guests have a safe way of getting home. Never should you allow someone to get behind the wheel of their vehicle when they are showing clear signs of intoxication or you have witnessed them consume several drinks that could potentially interfere with their ability to operate a vehicle.
  1. If you will be traveling, avoid booking a flight that departs from a busy airport. Just like you, there are hundreds and thousands of other people who will be traveling during the holidays. Therefore, if you can, try and book your travels at an airport that is the least busy. In the event you live in an area in which all airports tend to be congested, leave early so that you aren’t in a rush. With so many individuals driving in and out of airport terminals, the last thing you need is to be rushing and engage in an accident.
  1. If you have a road trip planned for the holidays, be cautious and careful while driving. Aside from avoiding engaging in any type of behavior that could distract your attention away from the road, it is also important for you to leave at a time when you are best able to drive and won’t be tired. The fact is, drowsiness:
  • Makes it much more difficult for drivers to pay attention to the road.
  • Slows a driver’s reaction time if they have to brake or steer suddenly.
  • Impacts a motorists’ ability to make good decisions.

[Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention].

  1. When choosing toys for your children, be sure they are age appropriate and safe. Never give a small child a toy that contains small parts they can choke on. You also want to be sure the toys you choose have not been recalled for defects or other potential hazards that could harm your children. You can check the most recent recalls that have been issued by visiting Parents.com.
  1. Always prepare your foods carefully. If you have been assigned with the task of cooking for the holidays, remember to keep these safety tips the National Safety Council (NSC) has shared to prevent a case of food poisoning from developing:
  • Don’t rinse raw meat and poultry together before cooking.
  • Use a thermometer to ensure your food is thoroughly cooked.
  • Wash your hands frequently when handling food.
  • Refrigerate food within two hours.
  • When reheating sauces, soups, or gravies, be sure you bring them to a boil.

Although these tips aren’t a guarantee that an accident won’t occur, they can reduce the chances of one happening.

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