Tour Bus Accident Lawyers In San Diego and Southern California

Like city buses, tour buses are considered “common carriers” and are legally required to use the highest degree of care to ensure passengers’ safety and well-being. Even so, accidents can and do occur, often resulting in numerous serious injuries or even death due to their size and passenger count. Like any other commercial driving operation, companies are required to vet their drivers, maintain their buses in good working order, and abide by all local and federal laws, including hours of service regulations. Unfortunately, sometimes companies place their bottom lines over passengers’ safety. When this happens, individuals can suffer serious injuries.

When you travel on a bus, you put your life in the hands of a stranger. When a bus company violates that trust, they may be required to pay to cover victims’ medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates, APC, is the serious accident and injury law firm of attorneys Jeffrey E. Estes and Alton J. Smith. If you or a loved one has been injured on a tour bus en route to a San Diego winery, craft brewery, casino, Joshua Tree National Park, or another tourist destination, call us toll free 855-290-8080.

Our firm has represented  throughout San Diego and Southern California for over 25 years of legal practice, we have won substantial settlements and verdicts for past clients.

The Importance Of Evidence In Common Carrier Cases

Tour bus companies, or “common carriers,” may have high insurance policies to protect their drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. In “common carrier” cases, there are often multiple parties who can be held liable for injury claims of this magnitude, and a skilled lawyer will know how to gather the evidence needed to validate your claim and hold all liable parties responsible. For instance, in a “common carrier” accident, the bus company may be negligent if it fails to properly maintain its vehicles. However, the company may pass the blame onto other suppliers. For instance, if tire failure resulted in an accident, the tire company may also be partly to blame. While drivers may be to blame in an accident, there may also be other parties involved. For instance, if a company requires a driver to work long hours that are in violation of federal laws, the company may also be to blame for the crash.

Obtaining evidence of negligence or error in tour bus injury accident cases is complex. It often involves the use of accident reconstructionists and engineering experts, witness testimony, police records and close evaluation of both the commercial driving record and qualifications of the individual tour bus driver involved, and the company’s hiring practices. A qualified attorney can look at a driver’s record in other states. Sometimes companies may only look at a driver’s record in California, unaware that a driver was found guilty of a DUI or traffic violation in another state. Working with a lawyer who is knowledgeable in proving personal injury cases and is connected with local experts and investigators streamlines an otherwise tedious process and helps to ensure that all of the facts of your case are represented in your favor.