//What are Some Apps that Can Help Combat Texting and Driving?

You see it sitting in the seat next to you and you know there are messages waiting for you to check. “Ding.” You hear the notification bell ring once more which means yet another message has come through. While you would normally think nothing of just reaching over and checking your text messages, at this particular moment, you happen to be driving and you know you shouldn’t be looking your phone. But, what if it’s important? What if someone was responding to a text you sent and you have been anxiously awaiting their reply?

We imagine these are the dilemmas many motorists in San Diego face when they are operating their motor vehicle. The battle between checking their phone or staying focused on the road. Unfortunately, it’s one battle many often lose.

Now, because “texting while driving makes a crash 23x’s more likely” and accounts for thousands of severe and even fatal wrecks, we are here to tell you that the battle needs to end and you need to find a way to combat texting and driving so that you don’t put your life or anyone else’s at risk [Source: Teen Safe]. How can you do this? Let’s start by looking at some apps that can be downloaded onto your smartphone that can help you refrain from using your cell phone while you are driving.

Apps Available for iPhone and Android Users

  1. LifeSaver. The LifeSaver app allows users to lock their device once the car is moving. Those who work in the corporate field who wish to deter their drivers away from using their cellphone while on the clock can use this app as well.
  1. SafeDrive. This app not only prevents you from texting while driving, but it also rewards you if you are able to make your trip without typing a message on your phone. The SafeDrive app disables texting while driving and “once you exceed 6 mph or 10km/h, the app will start awarding you points that can be used toward discounts at participating stores.” If you disable the app while your vehicle is still in motion, you will lose the points you have accumulated during that trip.
  1. TextLimit. The TextLimit app allows the user to disable features on their phone when their vehicle reaches a certain speed. If the vehicle falls below the set speed, the features can then be used again.
  1. DriveSafe Mode. This app allows you to control and monitor your mobile use while driving. The app also has a setting for parents that allows them to receive notification when their teen isn’t using DriveSafe Mode app, although they know they are out driving.

To view other apps that are available for download, visit Tenor Share’s website.

Now, as guilty as adults are of texting and driving, so are teens. Therefore, if you have a teen who is currently driving, be sure to share these apps with them as well or download one or more onto their smartphone to help reduce the chances of them engaging in a distracted driving accident.

I was involved in a car wreck with a distracted driver in San Diego, CA? What should I do?

One of the first and most important things for you to do aside from seeking medical help is contact San Diego, CA car accident lawyer Jeffrey E. Estes. Because the driver was engaging in some sort of distracted behavior, whether it was texting on their phone or making a call, you may be able to recover money for the damages you have incurred as a result of the crash. The fact is, most car accident victims are often entitled to recover compensation for things like past and future medical expenses, property damages, lost wages, and more.

To find out how much you are entitled to receive and how you can obtain justice for the wreck you were involved in, call 619-233-8021 to schedule a consultation where you will be given the opportunity to meet one-on-one will a respected and experienced CA car crash lawyer.

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