//Why Is Thanksgiving the 2nd Deadliest Holiday in America?

The long Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to kick back, bond with family and friends, and enjoy delicious food. For thousands of Americans, though, the festivities are ruined by drunk and negligent drivers.

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USA Today cited research from the National Safety Council, which showed that Thanksgiving is the second-deadliest holiday of the year – only surpassed by Independence Day. Over the Thanksgiving holiday period in 2013, an estimated 46,600 people suffered injuries and another 436 died in car accidents. This means that the long weekend accounted for nearly 15 percent of all traffic fatalities in November.

There are two primary reasons for this tragic trend: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 60 percent of motorists killed over Thanksgiving in 2012 were not wearing seat belts at the time of the crash – and 42 percent of those accidents involved a drunk driver.

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5 Safe-Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life This Thanksgiving

Although drivers should always behave responsibly, this is particularly important over the Thanksgiving holiday. More vehicles on the road, a spike in alcohol consumption, driving on unfamiliar roads to visit family – all of these factors increase the risk of crashing.

Here are five easy-to-remember tips that will help you avoid accidents and injuries over the holiday weekend:

  1. Put Your Phone on Silent: Talking on your cell phone can distract your attention long enough to cause a serious crash. Texting is particularly dangerous because it simultaneously impairs your visual, physical and cognitive abilities.
  1. Never Drive under the Influence of Alcohol: Drunk driving contributes to a deplorable number of car accidents every year. If you plan to consume alcohol, arrange alternative transportation by finding a sober driver, calling a taxi or using a ride-share app.
  1. Wear Your Seat Belt: It’s not there for decoration; if used properly, a seat belt will reduce your risk of suffering injuries and dying in a car accident.
  1. Adjust Your Speed to the Driving Conditions: Reduce your speed when driving in poor weather or congested traffic.
  1. Watch out for Children: Adults aren’t the only ones who celebrate Thanksgiving. Be cautious and reduce your speed when driving near parks and through residential neighborhoods.

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