//Woman Who Left Vehicle after Crash Was Fatally Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident

Traffic accidents are alarmingly common in the United States. In 2015, nearly 4.4 million people underwent medical evaluations for injuries they suffered in traffic crashes. Still, many drivers and pedestrians do not know what to do at the scene of a collision, and this ignorance often has tragic consequences.

A recent accident highlights the importance of properly responding to a wreck. Just days before Christmas, a woman crashed into a center divide after her car skidded on a slick road in Otay Mesa. According to Fox 5 San Diego, the driver climbed out of her vehicle and was fatally struck by another motorist, who fled the scene.

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11 Important Steps to Take after a Car Accident

Hit-and-run accidents are deplorably common in San Diego. Over the past five years, more than 3,200 people were hurt in hit-and-runs in San Diego County, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. In 2014, 489 hit-and-runs were reported to authorities, and 23 of them were fatal – compared to just seven the year before.

Many of these tragedies could have been avoided if the drivers had known how to stay safe at accident scenes. Here are 11 tips to follow immediately after a collision:

  1. Check yourself and other people at the scene for injuries;
  2. Call an ambulance if necessary;
  3. Move all vehicles to a safe location off the road;
  4. Turn on your car’s hazard lights;
  5. Call the police;
  6. Record the contact information of eyewitnesses;
  7. Record the insurance and contact details of all drivers involved;
  8. Take photographs of property damage, injuries, traffic signs and skid marks;
  9. Record notes about how the crash happened;
  10. Visit a doctor for a medical evaluation; and
  11. Contact a personal-injury attorney who has successfully litigated injury cases related to car accidents.

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